Vacancy for Joint MaWSIG Deputy Events Coordinator (DECO)

We are looking for a joint Events Coordinator with the interest and enthusiasm to participate at a highly engaged level in the running of the MaWSIG committee. We need someone who is going to fit into a well-oiled team and who has the passion and drive to keep growing the SIG.

IATEFL’s rules require that only current members of the SIG, who have been members for one year or more, may stand for election to the Committee of that SIG. Individuals whose institution is a member of IATEFL are also eligible to apply for the position(s).

Main duties and responsibilities

The main role of the Deputy Events Coordinator (DECO) is to work closely with the Events Coordinator, the other Joint Deputy and other committee members in implementing MaWSIG’s ambitious events programme. MaWSIG aims to arrange several key events throughout the year, at least one face to face conference/event, a Pre-Conference Event (PCE) and SIG day at IATEFL’s main conference, as well as a number of other opportunities for our members, including small scale meetups, one off events and online webinars and conferences.

As a DECO you will be involved in a number of supportive tasks, including and not limited to:

  • Using your industry contacts and knowledge to help decide on the themes and topics for events, and the most suitable formats,
  • Sourcing speakers and sponsors,
  • Selecting locations/venues,
  • Liaising with key contacts/suppliers at venues,
  • If local, on-site set up/clearing away tasks, registering delegates, helping the local organizer where necessary etc,
  • Helping to organize and keep to schedules, programmes etc
  • Helping to make delegate info packs,
  • Running/setting up online events through available tools/software etc (liaising with our Tech Coordinator)
  • Contributing to the future success of MaWSIG by actively engaging in all the SIG’s activities
  • Relevant administrative support and budget liaison with treasurer/committee members.

An ideal candidate for the position would:

  • Have excellent organization and communication skills
  • Have experience of organizing both physical and online events
  • Be quick to communicate with the rest of the committee and join in our regular online team meetings (currently every Friday afternoon at 14.00 GMT)
  • Be able to physically help run and attend the SIG’s key events
  • Have experience in the ELT Materials writing/creating process
  • Understand the current issues of the ELT industry and how these impact Materials Writing
  • Have relevant contacts in the ELT industry (range of skill/experience levels from teachers to established authors, publishers, EdTech professionals, etc.)

Volunteering with MaWSIG

All MaWSIG committee members are volunteers and give freely of their time to organise and manage events and publications for our members. At our events we sometimes need extra hands to help organise things. If you’d like to go on our register of potential volunteers, please write to the Events Coordinators to express your interest. We are also always interested to hear your ideas for future activities.

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