MaWSIG is the Materials Writing Special Interest Group.

We are one of the 16 International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) special interest groups.

IATEFL is a worldwide network of English language teaching professionals.

Our goal

To support teachers’ professional development in terms of writing ELT materials, whether for use within a group or institution, or for a wider audience

Our guiding aims

To encourage greater expertise and professionalism in the creation of teaching material

To offer new opportunities for professional development to IATEFL members

To offer further bridge-building opportunities between publishers and IATEFL members

Our members

Classroom teachers

Published authors

Experienced editors

Self-published authors


Joining MaWSIG made me part of a dynamic community of professionals whose interests and experiences overlap with and compliment my own. There’s always plenty to talk about and the exchange of perspectives and fresh ideas is valuable for newcomers and veterans alike. 

Lewis Lansford


What we do

Organise and host regular face-to-face and online networking and social events

Run a members-only facebook group, a community of writers, teachers and publishers sharing ideas and best practice

Encourage new authors

Run Pre-Conference Events (PCEs) and Showcase Events as part of the annual IATEFL conference in the UK

Organise webinars and collaborative conferences

Regularly publish blog posts from our members and invited ELT professionals

Publish an annual e-book of blog posts

Member benefits

In addition members of MaWSIG get:

15 months of their first year’s membership to the Society of Authors for the price of 12 – equivalent to over £25 off your SoA subscription

text inspector logo

50% discount on a Standard plus EVP subscription at Text Inspector – a saving of over £30 / year

ELT Teacher2Writer logo

10% off all ELT Teacher 2 Writer ebooks purchased via Smashwords (email us for the discount code, including your membership number)

Are you already a MaWSIG member? Contact us for details on how to access these member benefits. Please include your IATEFL membership number.

Already a member of another SIG? Add MaWSIG to your IATEFL subscription for £23, from the Dashboard on your IATEFL Membership page.