Coni Barbariol
Coni Barbariol is an EAP, English language and literature teacher. She has worked teaching these subjects in Buenos Aires (Argentina) for thirteen years and, at the moment, she’s teaching in Madrid (Spain). She is also a speaking examiner and materials writer. She’s currently studying a TEFL Masters and her top priority is developing meaningful materials which are aligned with her pedagogical insights and students’ needs.
July 22, 2024
14:30 UK time
Creating Materials to Enhance EAP Vocabulary

Creating materials to teach and practise vocabulary is crucial in ELT courses. Yet our approach might need to be tweaked when the materials are for EAP classes.

In this practical session, we’ll look at how creating materials following a Flipped Classroom approach can enhance the quality of our EAP content. We will share practical ideas to write worksheets which will be valuable for learners.

Dr. Armanda Stroia
Dr Armanda Stroia is an experienced EFL teacher, teacher trainer, international conference speaker, and materials developer interested in digital storytelling, multimodality, critical thinking, intercultural competences, digital and emotional literacies. She designs materials to help teachers integrate multimodality into lessons through an award-winning approach to student-generated videos. She is the founder of the Academy of Creators who Teach to Inspire (, where she shares her latest research-based articles, tailored courses, workshops, and free lesson plans.
September 18, 2024
17:00 UK time
(R)evolution of Video Tasks in ELT: New Horizons, Coursebook Realities

Looking back, video has radically reshaped the ELT landscape, shifting from mere comprehension checks to tasks fostering 21st century skills and multimodal literacies. Thus, current pedagogical trends empower students to become active prosumers. Yet, is this shift visible in mainstream localized coursebooks? Gazing into the AI-powered future, we question the role of video tasks.