MaWSIG PCE: Scope and sequence design – A top-down or grassroots approach?

This is the second of our summaries from the MaWSIG IATEFL Pre-Conference Event, which was held online on Friday, 18 June 2021. In her talk, Frances Amrani weighed up the pros and cons of a top-down versus a grassroots approach to scope and sequence design. This presentation was designed to raise more questions than it […]

Meet MaWSIG webinars: From general to specific – Materials for EAP vocabulary teaching

In this post, MaWSIG Joint Events Coordinator Clare Maas follows up on some of the questions that were raised in the Q&A session at her Meet MaWSIG webinar. The recording of the webinar is available here. The first few minutes of my talk are not included in the recording, so I’ll summarise my introduction briefly before […]