In this post, Nik Peachey introduces his upcoming webinar with MaWSIG.

I had been thinking about writing a book for years. A few times I put together proposals for books and expectantly sent them off to publishers, only to be disappointed. Even more times I started to write my book and then just lost momentum as other work took over and bills needed to be paid.

I finally decided to crowd-source the funding to develop my book and launched my crowd-sourcing campaign in January 2014. I managed to raise £5,000 in three months and used that money to produce Digital Video − A Manual for Language Teachers. When I raised the money to create the book I thought it would take me around three months to produce. I finally finished and published the ebook in the summer of 2015, about a year over schedule.

In 2016 the ebook was shortlisted by the British Council for an ELTon, an award recognising innovation in the Teacher Resources category. To my utter amazement, it won.

Since completing that first book I’ve published five more ebooks, and lots of lesson plans and materials; I’ve also launched All the other books I’ve written have been produced without funding in my own time whilst also working full time.

This may sound like a fairy tale success story, but it’s not – well, at least not yet, and it may well never be. It is a story, or at least a road map, of how you can make your own book a reality.

In this webinar I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned over the last three years from crowd-sourcing funding for ebook to becoming a digital publisher. In the webinar I’ll cover five key issues:

  1. Crowd-sourcing funding
  2. Writing your ebook
  3. Creating and designing your ebook
  4. Selecting a marketing platform for your ebook
  5. Promoting and selling your ebook

Join us on Saturday 3rd June at 4pm GMT. Everyone welcome, both members and non-members.

Nik Peachey is a freelance teacher trainer, materials writer, blogger and consultant specialising in digital publishing and the development of digital resources for teachers. He has been involved in English language teaching since 1992 and has worked all over the world as a teacher, trainer and project manager. In 2016 after winning the British Council ELTon award for Innovations in Teacher Resources he co-founded, where you can find details of all his published books. He is now based in the UK but is still a regular international conference speaker.