Prost! The MELTA MaWSIG Meetup

Dagmar Taylor reports on the event held on 25 June 2015 in Munich

‘Linguistics or rock band?’ asked quizmaster Eamonn Fitzgerald. ‘”London Grammar”. Hands up for a special prize!’
Someone at the back of the room tentatively raised a hand. ‘Rock band?’
‘Correct! Chocolates or DVD?’
‘Ooh, chocolates please,’ came the quick-fire answer.

Munich-based writer Eamonn handed out the pub quiz question sheets for the first round of five. The five teams huddled over the first question: ‘According to the Urban Dictionary, a child had by celebrities and usually given a peculiar name is called a what? A 24/7, a celebrat, a goldminor or a kidcessory?’

It could have been any of the four options; discussions began. The ice had been broken and more Weissbier (wheat beers) and Rhabarberschorle (rhubarb spritzers) were ordered. The answer was kidcessory.

The evening had got off to a good start. About 24 ELT professionals had come along to the Paulaner Bräuhaus beergarden in Munich to meet writers, editors and commissioning editors. There were familiar faces and new faces; trainers new to Munich and even those who haven’t quite decided whether to settle in Munich or not. Commissioning editors Gillian Bathmaker, Claudia Schwarz-Brownbill and Anne Grimm from Klett were there, as well as Business Spotlight editor-in-chief Ian McMaster, and Dietmar Bohm from Helbling Languages.

There was plenty of time to mingle and network after the quiz, and the room was loud with chatter and laughter. Introductions were made, business cards swapped, and ideas pitched and discussed. And it was all over too soon.

On their way out of the beer garden at the end of the evening, the attendees thanked us:

‘It’s been so valuable to have the opportunity to meet so many experienced and interesting people.’
‘Thank you for making me feel so welcome.’
‘It’s fantastic to have an evening devoted to networking. There just isn’t the time after a workshop.’
‘How often do you have these meetups? Can we do a speed meet next time?’

This was the second MaWSIG meetup, the first having been held in London in November last year. It was the first in Munich, and judging by how well the meetup was attended and received, not the last! Thanks to everyone who came along for making it such a successful event.