Past events

14 January 2017: MaWSIG MeetUp (Germany)

There was a MaWSIG Meetup in Trier, Germany, on Saturday 14th January. The Meetup brought together people who write ELT materials and/or are involved in publishing ELT materials. The main event was at 2–6pm at THEO, Simeonenstraße 59, 54290 Trier. Entrance cost 15€ including homemade ‘Kaffee & Kuchen’ buffet (plus tea and bottled water). In the evening there was an optional wine-tasting with five regional wines.

Christmas Party at the Jericho Tavern, Oxford

MaWSIG welcomed in the festive season with fellow ELT editors, authors and publishers at the MaWSIG Christmas Party on Thursday 15th December in Oxford. Everyone had to pit their wits against the best brains in ELT in a Christmas quiz! It was also a chance to catch up with friends and network with colleagues old and new.

30 June 2016 London MeetUp

This MaWSIG MeetUp saw a small but perfectly formed gathering at the Star of Kings pub near Kings Cross with writers, editors and publishers meeting and chatting. We also said an official goodbye and a big thank you to three outgoing committee members: Sophie O’Rourke (Events Coordinator), Lyn Strutt (Deputy Publications Coordinator and Website Coordinator) and Kirsten Holt (Deputy Events Coordinator).

 MaWSIG PCE, 12 April 2016

Our PCE at the IATEFL Conference in Birmingham was titled Print vs. digital: Is it really a competition?

The last few years have seen radical digitisation throughout the publishing industry and English language teaching has been no exception. As we feel our way through these changes and start to understand the landscape we now find ourselves in, we are asking whether the industry as a whole has started to stabilise. Have we found our niches, and can print and digital work seamlessly together? And what does this mean for material writers?

In this highly interactive PCE, we explored the skills and techniques that material writers need to create professional, engaging and relevant materials for a range of different teaching contexts, such as primary, secondary, adult, exams or ESP. We walked away with refreshed thinking, new knowledge and – perhaps most importantly – new ideas to help us create English language teaching materials, whether for digital, print, or a blend of both. Our fantastic line-up of speakers featured Ceri Jones, Genevieve White, Katherine Bilsborough, Fiona Mauchline, Damian Williams and Sue Kay. Our closing panel comprised Debra Marsh, Katherine Bilsborough, Damian Williams and Jo Sayers, with MaWSIG Coordinator Rachael Roberts chairing and some lively input from the delegates.

The full programme is here. Reports on the conference are here, or search the MaWSIG hashtag on Twitter and look at our Facebook page for as-it-happened information.


MaWSIG Conference, London, 20 February 2016

New ways of working for new ways of learning started by looking holistically at how digital platforms have had an impact on our work–life balance, and the first sessions focussed on how to achieve a better balance. Delegates went on to look at how digital materials are being used in classrooms today, and how this affects the way in which we create materials for these new learning environments. Macmillan very generously sponsored the entire event, hosted at their conference centre near Kings Cross. The conference ended with an evening drinks reception and networking.

The full programme is available here.


Berlin Meetup

A  MaWSIG Meetup took place on Wednesday 25 November 2015, in Berlin. This meetup was in association with ELTABB. Early reports on Twitter suggested it had gone very well and Rachel Daw now has a great summary of it on her blog.


MaWFest 2015

This year’s online festival, MaWFest, took place on Saturday 7 November.

The theme of the day was images and copyright, and speakers included Andrew Walkley, Karen Spiller, Getty Images and the Copyright Licensing Agency.

Sessions were in a variety of formats from webinars to Twitter chats. The schedule is here. The webinars are now available for members to view on the IATEFL website:


Oxford Meetup

This MaWSIG Meetup, in conjunction with ELT Teacher 2 Writer, was on Wednesday 23 September at The Slug And Lettuce, Oxford. There are photos on our Facebook page and there’s a video about it here.


Munich Meetup

MaWSIG Meetup Munich was a joint MaWSIG/MELTA event held in Munich on Thursday 25 June. The meetup was an informal networking evening, where MaWSIG and MELTA members will got to meet each other as well as editors and commissioning editors from ELT publishers.

If you would like to organise a similar event in your local area, please get in touch with our Events Coordinators.

We hope you can join us at an event soon.


MaWSIG May 2015

MaWSIG May presented a series of webinars from speakers at the forefront of ELT.

Wednesday 6 May, 6.30 pm BST  (5.30 pm  GMT)

Jill Hadfield on covert syllabuses. Here’s what she says about the subject:

‘I first used this term in a positive sense when speaking about group dynamics activities from my book Classroom Dynamic, using it to mean activities which have an overt language learning aim but a kind of “secret” group dynamic aim tucked inside a language learning aim, i.e. invisible to the student and thus non-overt. Since then I have expanded it to include other things such as an L2 identity-building syllabus which can co-exist with the overt language learning syllabus throughout a course. Covert syllabuses, however, can also (and the term is usually used with this implication) include ‘bad’ syllabuses as well as good ones – e.g. unconsciously sexist materials, a white middle-class cast of characters, or glorification of the celebrity culture. In this session, I will look at examples of positive and negative covert syllabuses and suggest some awareness-raising activities for ensuring negative syllabuses are eliminated and positive ones included.’

If you missed the webinar, it can be viewed by members on the IATEFL website:

MaWSIG webinar – ‘Covert Syllabuses’ with Jill Hadfield

For those of you interested in the learner preferences dichotomy and Apter’s Reversal Theory, Jill’s article is in RELC Journal  37.3 and is available here (with subscription).

Unfortunately we had to postpone Christiane Perone’s webinar on 13 May, due to illness.

Wednesday 20 May, 7.30 pm BST  (6.30 pm GMT)

Paul Sweeney, ‘Course (be)ware: key lessons in online course development – a follow-up from IATEFL’

The development of online courses is increasingly common where ‘online course’ is taken to mean a set of online materials made available to students or teachers of English as a substantial component of a learning programme. From very different starting points, publishers exploring online content development and institutions exploring course delivery online often end up meeting in the middle. What principles of good practice are available to inform this work? This talk is based on a range of shared development experiences from seasoned e-learning practitioners. They reported on courses developed for different audience types (students and teachers of English), varied subject matter (linguistic content as well as teacher training) and factors such as audience age and project size.  My talk will take the audience through key lessons derived from the survey. The talk will reference some principles of online learning design but the main emphasis is on the practical, project-based lessons across areas including course design, authoring tools, delivery platforms, the quality and type of content and the role of content within the overall course. The talk will consider the influence of factors such as  evolving online behaviours and user expectations, emerging course models e.g. MOOCs, the shift to desktop to tablets and smartphones and changing technical and learning design standards. Finally, what, if anything, is to be done about new pedagogical considerations such as adaptive learning, learning analytics and gamification?

The Q&A from this webinar is on our Facebook page.

Sunday 31 May, 12 pm BST (11 am GMT)

Cleve Miller, ‘New Publishing’

In this webinar, Cleve takes a ‘high altitude’ perspective on the future of materials design, combined with concrete examples of how this future is actually happening now. The main message is that we should be optimistic about careers in ELT authoring, and will look at specific examples of why it’s realistic to be optimistic. Areas discussed include the fact that content is a now a process, not a product. As material designers, who are we selling to, and how is this changing? The future is CLP: customization, localization, personalization. Cleve talked about at new publishing models, including self-publishing: ebooks and platforms. How will we make money, and who will pay it? What does this mean for course design if blended and flipped are the ‘new normal’? Cleve also looked at examples from (publisher and self-publishing) authors, and some tools that can be used.

Members can view the webinar on the IATEFL website:

MaWSIG webinar ‘ELT self publishing – why and how?’ with Cleve Miller


IATEFL Manchester 2015


MaWSIG PCE 2015: The Material Writer’s Essential Toolkit

No matter how much experience you have as a materials writer, no matter whether you’re writing for print or for digital, there are certain core skills that every writer needs to master.

Can you write an effective multiple choice question? Can you write audio and video scripts that sound authentic? Can you write a great artwork brief and make your pictures ‘pay their way’? Can you use technology to make your writing better and more efficient? Can you write activities for video? Can you use corpus tools? Can you handle the challenge of writing ESP material? Can you take content that you know works in your classroom and make it work in a coursebook?

In this highly interactive PCE, MaWSIG ran a series of short workshops from Sue Kay, Ben Goldstein, Ceri Jones, Nick Tims, John Hughes, Kieran Donaghy, Anna Whitcher, Julie Moore, Evan Frendo and Christien Lee. Attendees had the chance to work with these leading materials writers to learn, to ask questions, and to share expertise.

Download the programme here:


Some of the speakers created short preview videos. You can view them below.

Julie Moore MaWSIG PCE preview (1.2 MB)

John Hughes MaWSIG PCE preview (7.7 MB)

Ceri Jones MaWSIG PCE preview (1.22 MB)

Even Frendo MaWSIG PCE preview (4.22 MB)

Sue Kay MaWSIG PCE preview (6.39 MB)

Christien Lee MawSIG PCE preview (2.49 MB)

Kieran Donaghy MaWSIG PCE preview (2.50 MB)


MaWSIG webinars

On Saturday 7 March 2015, Genevieve White and Emily Bryson gave a free webinar called ‘Horrible History: Rising to the challenge of writing engaging materials.’ Genevieve and Emily were relatively new to materials writing when they started writing on the British Council Anniversaries Project. In this webinar, they reflected on their personal development and provide practical tips on how to create classroom materials that make both history and English interesting! The British Council Anniversaries Project celebrates 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta, 450 years since Shakespeare was born and 100 years since the end of the First World War.


MaWFest: the MaWSIG Online Materials Writing Festival

The MaWSIG Online Materials Writing Festival was a free, one-day, online-only event held on 14 December  2014. The day featured a mix of online Q&As, a Twitter hashtag chat and a Facebook panel discussion.

The line up included:

  • Online Q&A with Liz Soars, co-author of Headway
  • Twitter hashtag chat: #askedit with Karen White and Lyn Strutt
  • Online Q&A with Nick Sheard (Head of Adult Publishing, ELT Division, Oxford University Press)
  • Facebook panel chat with Mila Rendle (Head of Consumer Publishing, Cambridge University Press), Katie Nielson (Chief Education Officer, Voxy) and Lindsay Clandfield (Co-founder, The Round)
  • Online Q&A with Sam Missingham, Head of Events at Harper Collins UK

Did you miss our first MaWFest? Check out a summary of the day on Storify. There is also a summary of the hashtag chat here and a blog report here.


MaWSIG Meetup  

The first MaWSIG meetup was held in London on 10 November 2014. There is a blog post about it here.


MaWSIG May 2014

MaWSIG May presented a series of webinars from speakers at the forefront of ELT. The recordings are available for viewing; please log in on the IATEFL homepage.

  • Karen Spiller and Sue Kay on ‘How to become an ELT materials writer’.
  • Lindsay Clandfield on ‘Mistakes of a rookie writer’.
  • Ben Goldstein on ‘Seeing the big picture’.
  • Fiona Mauchline on ‘Writing for teens – personalising, imagination and the Twilight Zone’.


New Directions in Materials Writing, January 2014

Our first event pre-dates this website, but there is a report on it in our first newsletter, Building Materials, which can be viewed in the Member Area of the IATEFL website. You can also read about it in Sophie’s Storify.

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