Ali and the Long Journey to Australia

To start our second week of blogs covering the MaWSIG-LitSIG joint Pre-Conference Event in Liverpool on 1 April 2019, we’re publishing a poster designed by Michelle Worgan. Michelle was the winner of a competition organised by MaWSIG and GISIG (the Global Issues SIG). The brief was to create classroom materials in a poster format to use with a film that deals with global issues. The prize was a ticket to the PCE. We hope you’ll agree this lesson plan is a winner.

The lesson plan (PDF) is here.
The story (on YouTube) is here.


 Michelle Worgan is a freelance English teacher and materials writer based in Spain. Having taught young learners for twenty years, she now spends most of her time writing materials for international publishers. She frequently gives workshops at conferences and also runs a local teaching association.



One thought on “Ali and the Long Journey to Australia

  1. I really like the amount fo spoken language the learners would (hopefully!) produce in this lesson. I’m also thinking of ways to adapt /extend the activities for my context (EAP). I guess I’d push them more in the direction of evaluating which potential problems are most likely or which potential solutions would be most helpful. Problem-solution essays after the group brainstorm/discussion, maybe. Any other ideas, anyone?

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