MaWSIG is planning to publish an annual peer-reviewed academic journal entitled ELT Materials Review. The journal will seek to publish fair, well-researched, pedagogically informed reviews of English Language Teaching materials and empirical or theoretical articles on the development and implementation of educational materials. We are looking for volunteers to join an Advisory Board of teachers and other ELT professionals who are interested either in reviewing materials for the journal or in peer reviewing others’ reviews.

We are particularly interested in reviews which include classroom trial data and actual teacher and learner observations of the material under examination. Reviews will be fair to the pedagogical principles, practical aims, technological constraints, etc. of the materials under consideration. In order to ensure fairness, all submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed. Reviewers will be experts in the topic, method, etc., and will be selected in confidence by our editors from the Advisory Board. The Editor is Marcos Benevides (J. F. Oberlin University, Tokyo) and the editorial board comprises four MaWSIG committee members, plus Chuck Sandy (co-founder of iTDi).

We are looking for 20–30 volunteers to join the ELT Materials Review Advisory Board to write or assess reviews. For more information about the aims of the journal, visit this page.